Does cold calling really work in 2023?

We are currently in an era of social media. Nowadays, the salesperson can reach their potential client through various social media accounts and email marketing. Right?! We are in…

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7 Strategies to Nurture & Convert More Leads with Callyzer

Today's market is very competitive for any seller. In this fierce competition, buyers have multiple options at their fingertips. In this competitive era, where all the information is a…

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How to convince customers to buy a credit card? 

Everyone hates spam calls bugging them in the middle of their work day. It’s a fact you cannot ignore in 2023. But you got to call, convince and sell…

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How to Sell an Insurance Policy to Customers: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you tired of the same old, boring marketing strategies and statistics when selling an insurance policy? Put on your seat belt because we’re about to spice things up!…

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A Telecaller happily explaining key tips for sell product

How To Effectively Pitch Your Product Or Service As A Telecaller In India?

For every successful company, sales are the most crucial aspect that drives the business. However, the pressure to generate an ambitious sales quota month on month is endless stress.

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Overcoming objections in sales: A comprehensive guide for 2023

In the sales industry, many obstacles can get in the way of a salesperson's success. The most common is overcoming objections. Objections are hard to tackle and can make…

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impressed young man looking camera showing call me gesture isolated blue background

Best Opening Lines to Convince a Customer On a Call

Life as a tele-caller is not easy — you get a lot of rejections on an everyday basis. Still, you wake up every day, get to your office, look…

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Three Colleagues Discussing a Campaign Based on Their Remote Sales Tips

Best 3 Remote Sales Tips For Telecallers And Managers

Prior to the pandemic outbreak, working remotely or working from home has been a luxury. However, with the advancement of technology and digitalization, we have witnessed a shift in…

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Smiling Telecaller Employee Working on the Interactive Voice Response System 

Top 3 Problems & Solutions for Interactive Voice Response(IVR)

Customer support is very important for a successful business. Clients have questions which need to be answered as soon as possible. Most common way to solve any query is…

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Two Telemarketing Company Employees Reviewing and Doing Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

Inbound vs. Outbound Calls - What's Right for Your Telemarketing Strategy? 

Everyone wants to increase their sales revenue and team productivity. Some advise starting an outreach activity, while others vouch for the amazing advantages of running an inbound process. Whatever…

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