People vector pulling the arrow to represent the growth of the team concept to convert more leads
5 Proven Tips to Convert More Leads in 2023

Converting more telecalling leads into paying customers is essential for growth. But dynamic consumer preferences and the increasingly competitive landscape can make it hard to…

A boy and a human hand displaying a business plan and strategy to achieve goals, correct mark, mail, settings flat vector illustration
How to Create a Sales Plan for your business

What do you do when someone asks about your business sales plan? Do you question how to do business as you’ve never thought of writing…

Two human vectors monitoring employee details through employee call logs
How to monitor employee call logs legally in 2023?

Monitoring employee call logs has become a common practice in most companies lately. Employers are using different employee monitoring tools to track team performance and…

A human hand representing data and statistics on a smartphone about cold calling statistics
The Ultimate List of Cold Calling Statistics in India

Every day, Indians receive thousands of cold calls from eager telecallers, giving the industry a notorious reputation for being ‘spammy’. People hate getting cold calls.

Earth, telephone, telecaller vector banner sales strategies for convincing customers on call represents sales strategies for convincing customers on call
10 Strategies for Convincing Customers to Buy from You on a Call

Have you ever struggled to encourage customers to buy your products or services on the call? It can be challenging to stand out and persuade…

Sales call telecaller selling product or service via telemarketing phone sales to customer call support centre communicate with operator cartoon people
Does cold calling really work in 2023?

We are currently in an era of social media. Nowadays, the salesperson can reach their potential client through various social media accounts and email marketing.

marketing business sales funnel high conversion cash flow financial vector based banner
7 Strategies to Nurture & Convert More Leads with Callyzer

Today's market is very competitive for any seller. In this fierce competition, buyers have multiple options at their fingertips. In this competitive era, where all…

Saleswomen secure a credit card deal with a customer standing credit cards vector banner
How to convince customers to buy a credit card? 

Everyone hates spam calls bugging them in the middle of their work day. It’s a fact you cannot ignore in 2023. But you got to…

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