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Remove the ‘Guesswork’ from Your Growth Equation

Leave the ‘hit and trial’ game behind and take actions that really improve your sales and profitability.

Review the call history of all your teammates from anywhere and plan your future sales activities with an advanced call tracking system. Get detailed reports on each employee’s performance, assign leads to specific employees, and keep an eye on how they’re working their way up.

Find the ‘Real’ Culprit - Lack of Follow-ups, Unanswered Calls

Get complete transparency and control over your team’s efforts and find out why your sales charts are not showing an uptick.

Is it the lack of follow-ups, inbound calls being missed or going unattended or simply because you don’t have the team strength to call your lead pipeline?

Utilize our call tracking service to get a complete chart and analysis of all the incoming, outgoing, missed, and rejected calls. Discover the reasons behind inefficient sales teams and make informed decisions to enhance performance.

Cloud-based Call Tracking Solution with Features Designed for a Startup/Mid-market/Enterprise Business

When you’re busy growing your business, the last thing you need is a complex and costly solution without increasing your sales revenue. Callyzer is a simple, intuitive and user-friendly phone call tracking solution that takes less than 5 minutes to install on your smartphone.

You don’t need to spend money on a cloud-based call center solution or pay anyone to train your team. Just install the mobile app on your everyone’s smartphone and take advantage of all the features.


Deep Analysis & Statistics

Review and analyze every minute in real-time and discover the efforts that lead to an increase in sales.

Explore in-depth statistics and detailed call analysis like Average Time Per Call, Top Dialer, Top Caller, and more.

Real-time Sync

Instant synchronization of all call data and recordings in real-time just like an expensive cloud-based call center solution.


Track Unanswered Calls

Call activity tracking helps you check the number of unanswered, unattended, or missed calls by every employee or across the team/company from a single screen.

Track Remote Team Productivity

Track number of hours worked, calls received, calls not attempted, calls missed, and save time during performance reviews.


Call Recording Synchronization

Monitor, listen, and retrieve all incoming and outgoing call recordings in real-time, without paying any additional cost.

User Access Management

Define user access roles and limits based on your company’s hierarchy and team structure.


Daily Status Reports

Receive automated reports in your inbox every morning and set your daily action plan to increase conversions in real-time.

Third-party API Integration

Connect to your existing CRM, sales and marketing automation and 5+ third-party tools using the Callyzer API for seamless reporting and management.


Employee Mobile App for Android

Download the Callyer mobile app on your team's Android smartphone just like any mobile app and start monitoring calls in minutes. No confusing steps to follow or boring training is needed. Callyzer mobile app syncs with mobile call logs and gives you a real-time picture of how your teammates are performing on a daily basis.

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Designed for Businesses Where Sales Never Happen without Follow-ups

Callyzer assists small and large teams to get better at pipeline management, managing workload, and improving the customer n-call experience. Here’s how Callyzer can help your business teams:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my data secured?

We will take reasonable precautions to protect the data:

  • All your data, especially mobile numbers are stored in encrypted format.
  • Our web application is secured with HTTPS.
  • The Mobile Application is approved and available on the Play Store.
  • Your data is available to you only and it’s not being shared with anyone.
  • As per our policy, we don’t sell data to any agency and we follow all generally accepted industry standards to secure your data.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software is a tool used by businesses to monitor and analyse incoming and outgoing phone calls. It provides detailed insights into call metrics such as call duration, average time per call, top dialer, top caller, and call outcomes.

This software helps businesses track marketing campaigns, measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts, assess customer interactions, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer service and sales performance.

How can businesses use Callyzer to improve sales team performance?

Businesses can utilise Callyzer to boost sales team performance by monitoring and recording calls for insights into customer interactions.

The software provides detailed call analytics, aiding in tracking performance metrics and making data-driven decisions.

With lead tracking and management features, sales teams can prioritise follow-ups and improve conversion rates.

Integration with third-party CRM systems streamlines data management.

Additionally, call quality monitoring ensures consistent service delivery and enhances customer satisfaction, ultimately driving sales team success.

How can businesses use call tracking software for marketing attribution?

Businesses can utilise call tracking software for marketing attribution by assigning unique phone numbers to different marketing channels or campaigns.

When customers call these numbers, the software tracks which channel or campaign generated the maximum calls, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of each marketing effort.

This data helps businesses accurately attribute leads and conversions to specific marketing activities, allowing them to optimise their marketing strategies and allocate resources more effectively.

Can call tracking software help businesses save time?

Yes, call tracking software can significantly save businesses time by automating call logging, providing streamlined reporting and analytics, integrating with CRM systems, and optimising marketing campaigns.

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