Twinkle Pithwa

Twinkle Pithwa is a seasoned content writer with over 3+ years of experience in crafting informative and engaging technical and non-technical IT blogs. Armed with a B.Tech in Computer Science, Twinkle stays up-to-date with the latest content and current affairs while exploring new places, fueling her passion for knowledge and adventure.

List of Author’s Articles

Two men working with data analytics. One sits on books with a laptop; the other stands in front of a screen displaying graphs, charts, and a "Case Study" report. Lightbulb and checkmark icons are visible
Unlocking Telemarketing Success: Lessons from Case Studies and Success Stories

In 2024, companies in India are expected to spend around $140.70 million on telemarketing. This means that businesses will invest significant money in telemarketing activities…

Girl sitting with a laptop, wearing a headset and microphone. girl is smiling and talking. A speech bubble says "HALLO!" with another girl vector, A small calendar on the desk shows "1", Background has green leaves
Inside the Call Center: A Day in the Life of a Telecalling Team

A day in the life of a telecalling team is a blend of preparation, collaboration, persistence, and perseverance. Telemarketing teams are the unsung heroes working…

Three telecallers wearing headsets and working on laptops. Speech bubbles above them indicate conversation. Background features a digital gear icon and network lines, showing technology and communication
What Technologies Are Needed to Setup a Call Center Telecalling Team?

In the past, call centers' primary function was straightforward: agents were expected to handle outgoing and incoming calls with little additional support or resources. Today,…

A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop, wearing a headset, A phone, chart, envelope, speech bubbles, and a coffee cup icons visible, A 5-star rating icon is displayed above
Overcoming Low Response Rates and Spam Filters: Strategies for Telemarketing Teams in India

Every telecalling agent knows the feeling: you dial a prospect's number, eagerly say, [Hello, I am calling from XYZ company], and before you can even…

A laptop screen displaying a user profile, surrounded by four icons representing different CRM functions: a search, phone contact, an upward trend analytics, and settings
Leveraging CRM & Call Center Analytics for Telecalling Success

The core business rule is to focus on customer retention and build loyal relationships with the customer base. Studies have confirmed that the probability of selling…

A hand holding a tab shows a girl with pink hair wearing a headset, surrounded by icons representing gears, airplanes, social media symbols, and a tab screen
Proven Strategies for Scaling Your Telemarketing Operations with Automation

With changing trends, buyers' journeys have evolved a lot. Buyers are more likely to align towards the virtual telesales process and are more comfortable virtually…

A man inside a huge desktop screen with a public announcement system in left hand, along with four human vectors and two gift boxes displays
How to Source High-Quality Leads for Your Cold Calling Team?

When venturing into Lead Generation Strategy, the initial question is whether to prioritize Quality Leads or Quantity of Leads. Imagine your team proudly announcing, "We've…

Two call center agents sit on the table wearing headphones, and a thought bubble displays above their heads. The thought bubble shows vectors of home, car, sun, train, and earth.
Best Practices for Organizing a Telemarketing Team for Effective Call Center Management

Organizing a telling team is not a cakewalk. Businesses face various challenges when establishing a telemarketing team. Effective management is crucial for setting up and…

Two customer service representatives with headsets, sitting at their desks in front of computers. The background features large windows and a green abstract shape, adding a modern touch. Man has a speech bubble above his head
Maximising Business Impact: The Role of Telecalling Team in Marketing & Sales

Every business owner constantly strives for both customer acquisition and retention. Significant effort is required to acquire and convert new customers into repeat customers. But…

Two women and one man at desks with laptops, wearing headsets, working as a telecalling team
The Telemarketing Dilemma: Who Should Consider Setting Up a B2B Telecalling Team?

Telemarketing in business-to-business (B2B) operations is a proactive strategy that empowers your sales team to directly engage potential clients or partners. This approach allows businesses…

A telecalling team of four customer service representatives with headsets working on computers in a modern office environment
Why Your Business Needs a Call Center Telecalling Team in 2024?

Marketing strategies are changing fast, offering many ways for businesses to promote themselves and make sales. One is digital marketing, like ads on social media…

Two people working at desks with computers and a large presentation screen displaying graphs in a call center environment
Analyzing Call Center Data: Maximizing Efficiency with Analytics in 2024

Call centers that skip data analysis can find themselves in hot water. Imagine trying to juggle calls without knowing when the busy hours will hit.

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