Twinkle Pithwa

Twinkle Pithwa is a seasoned content writer with over 3+ years of experience in crafting informative and engaging technical and non-technical IT blogs. Armed with a B.Tech in Computer Science, Twinkle stays up-to-date with the latest content and current affairs while exploring new places, fueling her passion for knowledge and adventure.

List of Author’s Articles

A girl smiles while working on her computer and attending a client call
How to choose the perfect call tracking system

With excellent technological advancement in the digital business world, it has become important to plan, execute, and track each ongoing marketing channel to help the…

Telecalling team staff working in an office, a girl is looking straight and smiling while working
How to effectively manage a remote Telecalling Team

Progressively, companies are adopting the new approach of working outside the traditional office spaces. Working remotely is swiftly becoming the new normal. There are n…

A boy checking statistics on his laptop
Do Unanswered Calls Harm Your Business ROI?

Your customers want you to be available 24x7, especially when they are deciding if they should buy/avail your services. Missing out on a phone call…

A man is reviewing telecalling statistics on his laptop and smartphone.
Why Business Call Tracking Matter in 2021

Irrespective of products and services you offer to your customers, calls are often vital for your business. Calls are a piece of information we send…

A lady happily working on a computer operating telecalling software and reviewing campaigns
How Telecalling Software can help your business to grow efficiently

"Telecommuting, one of the many forms of work-life flexibility, should no longer be viewed as a nice-to-have. These common stereotypes don't match reality-allowing employees to…

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