Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva is a content marketer and small business consultant who has a strong grip on topics like marketing automation, email marketing, and content marketing. He loves to write about building, improving, and growing a business.

List of Author’s Articles

A human hand representing data and statistics on a smartphone about cold calling statistics
The Ultimate List of Cold Calling Statistics in India

Every day, Indians receive thousands of cold calls from eager telecallers, giving the industry a notorious reputation for being ‘spammy’. People hate getting cold calls.

Saleswomen secure a credit card deal with a customer standing credit cards vector banner
How to Convince Customers to Buy a Credit Card? 

Everyone hates spam calls bugging them in the middle of their work day. It’s a fact you cannot ignore in 2024. But you have to…

A man is running on a loading arrow that represents a start-up aimed towards the winning flag
Overcoming objections in sales: A comprehensive guide for 2023

In the sales industry, many obstacles can get in the way of a salesperson's success. The most common is overcoming objections. Objections are hard to…

A young man passionatly looking and showing call gesture
Best Opening Lines to Convince a Customer On a Call

Life as a tele-caller is not easy — you get a lot of rejections on an everyday basis. Still, you wake up every day, get…

A man is checking his mobile phone while his colleague is smiling and talking with the client
Inbound vs. Outbound Calls - What's Right for Your Telemarketing Strategy? 

Everyone wants to increase their sales revenue and team productivity. Some advise starting an outreach activity, while others vouch for the amazing advantages of running…

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