Rishikesh Sureliya

Rishikesh Sureliya is a knowledgeable content writer with 3+ years of experience crafting engaging IT blogs. With a bachelor's in Computer Science, he stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends while fueling his passion for knowledge and adventure. Rishikesh's expertise in technical and non-technical topics allows him to deliver informative and captivating articles. With a commitment to excellence, he ensures his content is always top-notch. Join him on this as he unravels the complexities of the IT world, providing valuable insights and enriching your understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

List of Author’s Articles

A woman using a laptop and a man using a tablet pointed out at call monitoring vector with statistics and chart illustration of vector graphic
The Future of Call Monitoring: Revolutionizing Communication and Customer Experience

Effective communication is pivotal in building strong customer relationships and driving success. One essential aspect of communication is call monitoring, which allows businesses to analyze…

Customer service hotline operators consult customers with headsets on computers call monitoring technical support call center call processing system vector illustration
What are the Benefits of Call Monitoring?

Effective communication and customer relationships are essential nowadays for the success of a business. How you engage with your customers and prospects can significantly impact…

Bank agreement loan man signing a contract with manager finance investment happy male businessman vector concept
How to convince a customer to open a bank account

Convince customers to open a bank account over a call can be challenging yet exciting. As a banker, mastering the art of telecalling techniques and…

10 Industries That Benefit Most from Telecalling 

Telecalling, known as cold calling, involves contacting prospects via phone to build relationships, generate leads, and drive revenue. Its importance lies in its personalized human…

Employee performance must be balanced with low-budget training human resources concept coloured flat graphic vector illustration
How to train your telecalling team on a low budget?

Training your telecalling team on a tight budget can be quite challenging but extremely essential. From dealing with angry customers to navigating unanswered calls, telecalling…

telecalling skills customer support contact us woman with headphones microphone with laptop talking with clients personal assistant service hotline operator advises technical support
9 Telecaller Skills For Successful Telecalling

Mastering telecaller skills is akin to a delicate act of balancing on one leg on a thin rope. It requires practice, finesse, and a touch…

A man sitting on a sofa doing remote work on his laptop flat design concepts represents remote sales techniques
9 Remote Sales Techniques to Become a Pro at Remote Sales

Remote sales has become the new norm in post-Covid world. In fact, according to Hubspot survey, 63% of sales team leaders say that virtual meetings…

A boy and a human hand displaying a business plan and strategy to achieve goals, correct mark, mail, settings flat vector illustration
How to Create a Sales Plan for your business

What do you do when someone asks about your business sales plan? Do you question how to do business as you’ve never thought of writing…

Earth, telephone, telecaller vector banner sales strategies for convincing customers on call represents sales strategies for convincing customers on call
10 Strategies for Convincing Customers to Buy from You on a Call

Have you ever struggled to encourage customers to buy your products or services on the call? It can be challenging to stand out and persuade…

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