Do Unanswered Calls Harm Your Business ROI?

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Your customers want you to be available 24x7, especially when they are deciding if they should buy/avail your services. Missing out on a phone call and not calling back can make all the difference in making a sale.

Unanswered/unattended calls are a part of a bad customer experience and 84% of customers say they would stop doing business with a company after a bad experience, according to Babel Force.

An unanswered call (and no follow-up later) can let a potential customers down, leaving them hanging midway or worse, creating a bad reputation for your business.

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Inbound calls are the most valuable leads of all. (Forrester Study) They convert 30% faster than online leads. It won’t be wrong to say that unanswered inbound calls are harming your business.

The Real Impact (On Revenue) from Unanswered Calls

Generally, inbound calls are made by a prospect to get more info about services, pricing, or process. The prospect already knows a bit about your business, and the right salesperson can push them through the finishing line.

When your team isn’t available to pick up a call and no one follows up on the unanswered calls later, you immediately lose out on the opportunity to make a sale or crack a deal.

Most people who call a business and don’t get a response never bother to call back.

A lead lost once is revenue lost forever.

If you don’t have the right technology, team and temperament, your business would continue to lose money consistently over the years.

Do you want to find out how much money you lose on unanswered calls? Here’s a simple formula:

Revenue lost= number of unanswered calls * average deal size from inbound leads

Every call is a potential lead. You can now imagine the magnitude of revenue loss in just one month. Imagine what are all the unanswered calls cost you in the entire year.

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The ‘Not-to-be-ignored’ Side Effects (Apart from Revenue & Sales)

Imagine someone asking you to give them a call to discuss a proposal. You call at the right time and no one picks up the call. And to top it up, no one bothers to call you back, too.

You’d feel bad, even annoyed, right? The same thing happens to your customers. When no one calls them back after their call goes unanswered, they feel that your business is not so serious about client servicing (and many don’t feel trying to get in touch again).

Great response times are one of the core metrics for any business, especially if there is some sort of customer service involved.

If you’re spending money on marketing, and you aren’t tracking unanswered calls, you’re losing the battle on several fronts. Some of the bad impacts of not being responsive includes:

  • Reduced goodwill and reputation among your target audience
  • Poor conversion rates from marketing campaigns
  • Reducing customer lifetime value
  • Bad perception of your brand

In the age of social media, such experiences can even blow up more.

Customers today expect companies to serve them instantly.

When they don’t get what they want, over a medium they prefer (phone call, in this case), you start losing the omnichannel battle, and ultimately trust. And we don’t need to tell you what happens when your prospects lose faith in your business or brand.

Stop Losing on Revenues & Goodwill through Technology

Now that you know you’re losing business don’t you think you should do something about it? But before you act, you should know the reasons for unanswered calls.

Here are a few common reasons for growing inbound unanswered calls in your business:

  • Lack of dedicated staff to handle incoming calls
  • Ignoring calls in favor of digital conversations
  • Employees not available at their desk to attend calls
  • Non-availability of call monitoring/tracking technology in your business

When you don’t have a solution to track all the incoming calls of your business (including unanswered ones), you’ll always bleed money. (And no, smartphone’s call management won’t help you much).

You need to have the right tools and a plan to monitor calls in and out from your business. Use technology as your companion to build the perfect infrastructure that can help you keep a record of all company-wide phone calls.

Introduce Callyzer in Your Business

Callyzer is a modern call tracking and monitoring solution for business which you can use to derive data-backed insights for your sales and customer support teams.

With an intuitive dashboard to track all calls (including unanswered calls) and detailed team reports, Callyzer makes sure that you don’t lose on unanswered calls (and opportunities). Your team can track all the unanswered calls from a single dashboard and follow-up with prospects, right away.

The best part: Callyzer can be accessed directly from Android mobile phones, so you don’t need to stick around office to keep a record of all the calls that you were missing before adding Callyzer to your business growth mix.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Callyzer app and get started today.

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