How to effectively manage a remote Telecalling Team

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Progressively, companies are adopting the new approach of working outside the traditional office spaces. Working remotely is swiftly becoming the new normal. There are n number of benefits to operate a remote telemarketing team yet it does have few challenges to efficiently manage the team.

The most quotidian challenge amongst all is how to keep up the team’s productivity and potent ways to track the team’s progress on a daily basis.

Are you looking for the right tool to keep complete track of your team’s progress? Here we have brought the most accurate solution to all your issues.

Callyzer – Key to the effective management of the remote telecalling team!

Callyzer is an application to track the complete calling performance of all the members of the team from a central cloud-based application. Callyzer is an android application, which ones installed on your team’s device gives you a full insight into their calling activities and performance. This application analyses call activities and generates reports in a statistical fashion which makes it effortless to manage your team’s performance.

Let’s dive into key features that Callyzer provides:

  1. User-friendly cloud-based dashboard

    Callyzer offers a great intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard is a centralized and cloud-based application that enables you to check the number of calls, call duration, missed and received calls at regular intervals.
  2. Easy to view detailed team report

    Callyzer enables you to view the detailed team report in a statistical fashion. One can inspect the total number of incoming, outgoing, missed, and received calls taken by the entire remote telemarketing team.

  3. Easy access to the call history

    With easy access to the call history of each team, the employer can easily track the daily activity and productivity of the team members from a single dashboard.

  4. Receive daily report via E-mail

    Callyzer enables you to automate daily reporting via E-mail. You receive a detailed report of the call summary which provides you a full insight into the team’s progress on a regular basis.

  5. Lead management & Lead Reporting

    Callyzer enables you to bulk import leads and assign them to specific employees. Using the app, employees can easily view and communicate with their assigned leads. Employees can update the status of leads with a note against a call log. This feature helps in inbound and outbound sales.

  6. Integration with IndiaMart, Zapier, and Integromat

    Callyzer helps you to integrate with your IndiaMart account. IndiaMart integration enables you to directly fetch all the lead data to the callyzer. Zapier or Integromat integration will help you to retrieve all your important data from callyzer. It enables you to fetch all the data, analytics, and reports of the users and export them to excel or other CRM portal/Software.

With Callyzer, you can use a cloud-based solution that empowers effective remote team management. Contact our sales team today to learn more about our platform and its benefits through a customized demo.

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