How to choose the perfect call tracking system

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With excellent technological advancement in the digital business world, it has become important to plan, execute, and track each ongoing marketing channel to help the organization grow. To accurately track telecalling teams, companies have adopted the modern method called Call Tracking System.

Call Tracking Solution provides detailed call analytics to efficiently track and analyze the team's performance. This call data gathered from the application is essential for marketers and sales teams to optimize quality leads and conversions.

An ultimate call tracking solution can be a game-changer for businesses, leading to an excellent marketing campaign, better decision making, improved team performance, and increased potential lead conversion.

When figuring out the right tool, don't fall for any low budget software providing a slick interface with poor performance. Instead, consider the below mentioned behind-the-curtain aspects to settle on efficient software.

6 Factors to consider when choosing a call tracking software

1. Reliability

When seeking the right call tracking system for your business, Reliability is the main factor to consider. Intermittently if the system goes down, the company should fix the issue swiftly and without losing data.

Call data is the most significant part of any call activity tracking, and it should be of utmost priority to keep the safety of these data. Therefore, one should opt for a call tracking system that provides a regular backup system if the primary server fails.

Callyzer assures every user of no data loss, and it also has a robust backup system. The Callyzer team also makes sure that there is no breakdown in the system. If or when something goes wrong, our skilled and experienced team can fix the system quickly with no data loss.

2. Integrations

Integrating Call Tracking System with other CRM tools can help you get deeper insights about leads. In addition, integration can give you a better understanding of the complete sales cycle. Thus, easy integration of call tracking software with third-party services is an important functionality to look for.

Callyzer enables Integration with IndiaMart, Zapier, and Integromat.

3. Customer Service & Support

While purchasing a call tracking solution, customer service and support are significant. Therefore, the company should promptly respond to your queries and concerns.

Callyzer has an efficient customer service and support team which is always on its toes to serve its clients. Callyzer is always ready to provide necessary assistance as soon as possible.

4. Affordability

Cost is also a primary aspect when choosing the right call tracking software. Therefore, one should evaluate that the price they are paying for the software is worth the features and services provided.

Callyzer is affordable yet rich in features. Callyzer provides various plans which are budget-friendly packed with great value. Users can also get a 15-days free trial.

5. Call Recording & Transcription

Call Recording and Transcription can be a greatest advantage for your organization as they can be a wealth of information about your potential clients. By tracking call recordings, you can identify the clients' patterns, how they inquire about your products, and what their pain points are.

Call recording can also help you learn about your telecaller's performance and provide feedback as needed.

Callyzer is soon launching its call recording and Transcription functionality.

6. Customisation 

An efficient call tracking system should come with a customizable plan. Each organization has its requirements, and they operate differently. Therefore, each program should be customizable according to the organization's size and needs.

Callyzer provides two plans, Basic and Basic + Lead. You can check out the details here:

The Bottom Line

Performance tracking of each marketing channel is very important. Thus, an inbound call tracking system is very significant for marketers to get a real-time understanding of telecaller's performance. It can also aid you in improving sales and ROI. Therefore, we insist you invest in a good call tracking system to boost your business.

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