Best 3 Remote Sales Tips For Telecallers And Managers

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Prior to the pandemic outbreak, working remotely or working from home has been a luxury.  However, with the advancement of technology and digitalization, we have witnessed a shift in the operation patterns of the companies. Now, remote and hybrid work patterns are realistic for employees and employers.  

Companies worldwide have experienced significant reductions in the fixed costs of the traditional workspace. As remote work is getting popular, upper management has gained immense confidence in their team’s ability to work remotely. 

According to Statista, more than 30% of the respondents from the global survey confirmed that the main reason to choose work from home is improved quality of life and the freedom to structure the workday.  

Employees also face many challenges while working remotely. To overcome these challenges best remote sales tips would be a helping hand. The transition from traditional office space to remote work comes with both advantages and challenges. A global survey conducted by Statista says that 25% of employees stated that the biggest challenge when working remotely was the disability to unplug. Many respondents also complained about not having an appropriate workspace.  

This blog provides the best remote sales tips for being successful in remote sales. If you are finding it challenging to manage and operate while working remotely. You have landed at the right place.

Check out the right remote sales tips for your remote sales success. 

Tips to manage a remote sales team (For Employers)

1. Build a remote-friendly culture

Staying connected with your sales team is very important for any manager or an employer to efficiently manage their remotely working sales team. One should constantly keep their sales team motivated and productive. Arrange weekly team meetings or a video conference. Address the team’s challenges and achievements. Also, encourage your team to open up and get to know each other. 

2. Invest in an efficient Call Tracking System

Tracking your team’s calling data can be a game changer for your company’s success. Telecaller software provides a detailed report of the call logs. It summarizes team-wide call details providing valuable insights for detailed analysis of your remote team's performance, which helps leaders make intelligent business decisions.

One such amazing call tracking system is Callyzer. There are a plethora of features that Callyzer provides which can help you elevate your team’s productivity and evolve your telemarketing sales.

Callyzer provides a highly organized and clean dashboard that helps you manage complex data efficiently. With this smart telemarketing software, you can daily obtain an accurate team report. Callyzer is committed to providing detailed analysis and statistics for each mobile number infused in the dashboard for tracking. To know more about Callyzer, Click here . 

3. Calendar Management

Being an employer and managing a sales team is not a cake walk. There are various aspects that a manager has to look through. Team’s performance depends on the employer's shoulders. For smooth management an employer should have a diligent schedule and efficient time management skills.

Plan your week priorly and keep your employees in the loop. Make yourself as available as much as possible. This can result in long days especially when you have to work through different time zones. Plan and run each meeting with a structured agenda and blueprint. This can help you to be more productive. 

Tips to be successful at remote sales (For Employees)

1. Maintain a routine

When an employee is working remotely,  there is a social pull to show that they are actually working hard and doing their job passionately.  Maintaining a schedule is very significant when you work remotely. Most of the employees start late and end up working till late. This schedule blurs the line between work and personal life.

Don’t let this line get blurred. As you are your own boss when you are working remotely. Get accountability and maintain a strict schedule. Start work every day at a specific time. Keep a record of the breaks you take. Maintaining a regular schedule will help you shut off at the appropriate times.

2. Have a well-designated workspace

Not to iterate again but it is very difficult to maintain a work and personal life balance when working remotely. A well organized and dedicated workspace can help you a lot. You can build a separate workroom, a kitchen table, or even a corner of your house as a workspace. This will help you focus more on your work and detach at the end of the day.

The biggest tip for one starting as a remote employee is investing in a designated workspace. You will be spending hours working there so maintain the space, keep it clean for the positivity to flow, and invest in a comfortable sitting arrangement. Build a space that excites you every morning to go and work. Believe me! This can help you focus on your work and boost your productivity. 

3. Take breaks

When you are working from home you are most likely to have less distraction than working at your traditional office. There will be no uncertain coffee breaks with co-employees, it's unlikely for others to stop by your desk for a random chat or help.  At home, it is very easy to get stuck in the trap of skipping your lunch or breaks.

This habit can get you burned out of your energy. To stay productive, take shorter breaks timely. It will be a great way to recharge your energy.

4. Reach out fast

When you work remotely, you still have to deal with different challenges. Say if there is any client who is stressing you out. In such scenarios don’t be afraid to speak out.

When you are facing any challenges or hardships immediately speak out to your manager. Ask for help as soon as possible. By doing this you’ll save valuable time and you’ll get desired solutions.

5. Be organized

Managing your time well is a major concern while working remotely. Keep track of your time, be organized, make a timetable, and list of the tasks that need to be accomplished. After making a to-do list, stick with it strictly.

Keep accurate data of your tasks, and allocate time slots to different sales processes. Block time for prospecting, sourcing, and follow-ups. This will help you achieve your sales target easily.  

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