5 Reasons Why SIM-based Telecalling App Works Better than VoIP Dialers in India

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In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, telecalling has become essential for businesses to connect with customers and promote their products or services. With the rise of technology, two main types of telecalling apps are available in India: SIM-based telecalling apps and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) dialers. While both options can be effective, SIM-based telecalling apps have distinct advantages that make them a better choice for businesses in India.

This blog will explore five reasons why SIM-based telecalling apps work better than VoIP dialers in India. We will delve into the technical differences between the two options and highlight the benefits of using a SIM-based telecalling app. From better call quality to greater privacy, security, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use, we will explain how SIM-based telecalling apps can help businesses connect with customers.

If you are a business owner looking to expand your customer base and increase your revenue through telecalling, this blog is for you. We will provide you with the information you need to decide which telecalling app is right for your business. So, let's dive in and explore why SIM-based telecalling apps are the better choice for companies in India.

What is a SIM-based Telecalling App?

A SIM-based telecalling app is a mobile application that allows businesses to make and receive calls using their existing SIM card and phone number. Unlike VoIP dialers that use an internet connection to make calls, SIM-based telecalling apps use cellular networks to establish connections, ensuring better call quality, more reliable connectivity, and greater privacy and security.

To use a SIM-based telecalling app, businesses must download and insert their SIM card into their mobile phone. The app will allow them to make and receive calls using their phone number. One of the critical advantages of SIM-based telecalling apps is that they do not require an internet connection, making them a better option for businesses operating in areas with poor internet connectivity. In India, where internet connectivity can be spotty, SIM-based telecalling apps provide a more consistent and clear connection, leading to better customer conversations.

How does SIM-based Telecalling Apps Work?

SIM-based telecalling apps leverage the cellular network infrastructure to establish a voice call between two parties. When a business makes a call using a SIM-based telecalling app, the app uses the cellular network to establish a connection between the caller and the recipient, much like a traditional voice call.

The SIM-based telecalling app utilizes the mobile phone's existing SIM card and phone number to place the call. This means that the recipient sees the business's phone number when they receive a call, which helps establish trust and authenticity.

How SIM-based Telecalling app differ from VoIP Dialer?

While both SIM-based telecalling apps and VoIP dialers allow businesses to make and receive calls, the two options have several key differences. There are many reasons why SIM-based telecalling apps work better than VoIP dialers in India. Here are the top five reasons:

  • Better voice quality - SIM-based telecalling apps use the voice network provided by the telecom service provider, which ensures high-quality voice connections. In contrast, VoIP dialers use the internet to make calls and voice quality can be affected by internet speed and network congestion.
  • More reliable - Since SIM-based telecalling apps use the voice network, they are less prone to call drops and interruptions. In contrast, VoIP dialers can experience call drops or connectivity issues due to poor internet connectivity or network congestion.
  • No Internet required - SIM-based telecalling apps do not require Internet connectivity to make and receive calls, making them ideal for areas with poor or no Internet connectivity. In contrast, VoIP dialers require a stable internet connection, which can be challenging in certain areas.
  • Better call monitoring - SIM-based telecalling apps offer better call monitoring features, including call recording and tracking, as they are directly linked to the SIM card. This makes it easier for businesses to monitor and analyze their calls, essential for customer service and sales.
  • Cost-effective - SIM-based telecalling apps can be more cost-effective than VoIP dialers, as they do not require high-speed internet connectivity or additional hardware. Additionally, some SIM-based telecalling apps, such as Callyzer, offer other features like CRM integration and call analytics, which can further improve the efficiency of a business.

Here is the comparison table for both options:

FeatureSIM-based Telecalling AppVoIP Dialers
Call QualityBetter call qualityQuality may vary depending on internet connectivity
Phone Number DisplayUses existing phone number and SIM cardMay require a separate phone number or use an alternative phone number
Privacy and SecurityMore secure since the communication is established through cellular networkMay be vulnerable to hacking or other security issues
CostCan be more cost-effective in the long run since it uses existing cellular networkMay require additional costs for internet connectivity or a separate phone line
Additional FeaturesMay offer additional features such as call recording, data analysis, and CRM integrationMay offer fewer additional features compared to SIM-based telecalling apps

Who can benefit from a SIM-based telecalling app? 

A SIM-based telecalling app can benefit many businesses and organizations that rely on voice communication to connect with customers, potential leads, and stakeholders. Here are some specific examples of who can benefit from a SIM-based telecalling app:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) - SMBs that rely on voice communication to generate leads, provide customer support, and close sales can benefit from the reliable SIM-based telecalling app.
  • E-commerce businesses - E-commerce businesses that need to provide customer support and resolve issues over the phone can benefit from the additional features offered by SIM-based telecalling apps, such as call recording and CRM integration.
  • Non-profit organizations - Non-profit organizations that rely on donations and fundraising can use a SIM-based telecalling app to connect with donors and supporters, provide updates on their work, and answer any questions.
  • Healthcare providers - Healthcare providers can use a SIM-based telecalling app to connect with patients, provide virtual consultations, and offer remote monitoring and support. 
  • Education Institution - Education institutions can use a SIM-based telecalling app to connect with students and parents, provide updates on school events, and offer academic support and counselling.
  • Real Estate - Real estate agents can use SIM-based telecalling software to generate leads, schedule property viewings, and follow up with potential buyers. The software can also provide analytics to help agents identify which leads will most likely convert into sales.
  • Banking and finance - Banks and financial institutions can use SIM-based telecalling software to communicate with customers, support account-related issues, and generate leads. The software can also integrate with the company's CRM system to provide personalized financial advice and recommendations.

In summary, any business or organization that relies on voice communication to connect with clientele can benefit from a SIM-based telecalling app. Versatile applications like Callyzer serve more than 250+ clients from varied industry types.

Who can benefit from a SIM based telecalling app? beneficiary lists

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