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Get Free 15 Days Trial for 5 Phone Numbers!


/phone number/month billed yearly

  • Track Calls

    Track your team’s calling activities on a real-time basis

  • Summary & Analysis

    Get optimized call summary and detailed analysis of Call Data in the statistical format

  • Working Hours Report

    Get the report of the total working hours of the team. Also, get the working hours of a specific employee for the desired date ranges

  • Periodic Reports

    Get periodic call reports of call activities for desire date ranges & Export as PDF

  • Never Attended

    Separate list of calls which you have never talked after you missed them

  • Never Received

    Separate list of calls which you have dialed but couldn't be talked

  • Manage Admin Users

    Add users & manage their permissions for the Callyzer web account.

  • Daily Status Report

    Automate reporting efforts by getting daily reports emailed to your mailbox.

  • Exclude Numbers

    You can exclude internal user’s phone numbers from the reports and statistics.

Basic + Lead

/phone number/month billed yearly

  • Everything in BASIC+
  • Manage Leads

    Manage leads by analyzing and tracking key information of each lead.

  • Communicate Using App

    Employees can easily view and contact assigned leads. They can update the status of lead with a note against a call log.

  • Leads Report

    Get Statistics Lead reports and measure your sales closure-rates.

  • Leads Not Contacted

    Separate list of Not Contacted Leads

  • Leads Status Changes

    Update the various Lead Statuses to fit the exact needs of your business.

  • Leads Distribution

    Manage and Follow Up With Leads All in One Place

Available Add-ons

  • Call Recording Storage


    Callyzer synchronize each call recordings of employee's device to a central cloud-based dashboard. Team Managers can easily view, listen and closely monitor each call recordings from each calls

  • API+Zapier

    ₹150/phone number/month

    Fetch each Callyzer reports directly using the REST API and integrate with your system with ease.

  • Indiamart Integration


    Callyzer fetches IndiaMart inquires & push them into Lead Management. Manage IndiaMart leads smoothly.

* Prices are excluding taxes and fees

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

You will get all the features of ‘Basic + Leads’ Plan of Callyzer in the free trial so you can enjoy every functionality of Callyzer during your free trial.

How many employees /operators / phone numbers I can add into the free trial?

You can add up to 5 phone numbers/users during your free trial. You can Increase the phone numbers once you buy the Callyzer subscription.

Can I change my plan during my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan from Basic to ‘Basic + Lead’ but you can not downgrade your plan from ‘Basic + Lead’ to only ‘Basic’ Plan.

What are the available payment methods?

We accept the payment by credit cards and PayPal for USD amount and for INR we accept Net Banking, Credit card, and Debit card.

If you are unable to pay with these options, please contact us for alternate payment options.

Can I add more employees / operators / phone numbers after buying the subscription?

Yes, you can add additional phone numbers at any time during your subscription, and we charge for new users on pro day basis.

Can I remove the employees / operators / phone numbers during my subscription?

You can remove the existing user phone numbers anytime and the app will not synchronize the call logs for those numbers. However, there won’t be any impact on pricing as you can add other user phone numbers at any time.

Can I replace numbers during my subscription?

Yes, you can remove the old user phone number and add a new phone number to Callyzer. This way the app will stop syncing for the old user phone number and start syncing for the new user phone numbers.

If I am requesting more number during the subscription period so what is the charges for it?

If you want to add a new user phone number during the subscription period, we will charge based on pro days as well as the basic cost will be the same while you purchased the callyzer subscription.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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